Aromatherapy is increasing in popularity nowadays. More and more people believe that good scents can definitely elevate one’s mood. Because of this, nebulising diffusers also become in demand. For Denise Lim, co-founder of FLO Aroma, the quality of nebulising diffusers should matter as much as the quality of essential oils. She makes sure that consumers can breathe in their chosen essential oil through a more natural instrument way so they can maximize the benefits of the oil.


Denise Lim, one of the founders of FLO Aroma, shared her business journey with Faces of ASEAN SMEs team. Here is her story.


This Singaporean Helps Connect Humans With Nature Through Her Aromatherapy Business

Denise Lim, co-founder of FLO Aroma, started as a customer and now she is managing her own aroma diffusers and essential oils company. She believes that the quality of nebulising diffusers should matter as much as the quality of essential oils. For her, it's important to use the right instrument so you can enjoy the essential oils in its most natural and purest form. "Always do what’s right and not what’s easy. Good things can take time – be it taking time to find or to develop. It’s worth to always do what’s right, it will always bring you further and better."

Posted by Faces Behind ASEAN SMEs on Tuesday, February 25, 2020


F: Why did you start your business?
D: I was working full-time in a digital marketing agency for 3 years before starting FLO. I wanted to look for a new place to better myself. It has always been my dream to have a business of my own. Since school days, it always inspires me to read stories of businessmen. I had thought it is now or never before all the commitments of family and kids sink in.

We feel that there is too little done and known about nebulising diffusers. My fiancé and I first started as consumers ourselves. We found it difficult to obtain a good quality nebulising diffuser. There are a number of nebulising diffusers in the common online marketplaces, however, the quality of those devices is disappointing. We have experienced so many nebulising diffusers that are either noisy, weak, and also one that couldn’t work because of bad glass quality.

The aromatherapy products that are currently widely available in Singapore include candles and water-based diffusers. However, we very much like the fact that nebulising diffusers are waterless and heatless. We believe that aromatherapy should not only be about using the purest essential oils but also the devices we adopt to use the oils should matter just as much as well so we can get what we intended for – the best for our wellbeing through the use of aromatherapy.




F: What got you interested in aromatherapy?
D: My fiancé and I are in love with scents. Great scents always bring out the great mood in us. We started getting into aromatherapy with the intention to scent our spaces. As we dive deeper, we came to learn more about pure essential oils. It captivated us how these pure essential oils could not only serve to scent a place but also, they come with numerous benefits for our health and wellness. And we love the fact we can do it all naturally without artificial substances or chemicals.

We tried using other aromatherapy products such as candles, heat-based diffusers, and reed diffusers to scent our room. Ultimately, and till today, we settled for the nebulising diffuser which we feel is by far the best device that can let us breathe in the purest and most natural. I believe that nature is integral to human beings. We do not live separate as humans and nature, especially in the health aspect. There’s so much goodness available naturally, and these are gifts of nature.


F: How did you learn to make your own diffuser?
D: I started using nebulising diffusers around 5 years back. Along the way of using it, I noticed 99% of people I spoke to about it, don’t know about such products. I then started to read up online about it, and also dismantled the diffusers I have to learn about the parts and details. Thanks to the mini engineer character in me, I do enjoy dismantling and fixing items since I was little. With the help of industry experts, we managed to attain this final product.





F: What is the impact of your company to your customers?
D: We’re doing our part in educating the community not only for existing aromatherapy users but also for first-timers. Aside from diffusers, we do our part in sharing and educating customers about essential oils. There are so many misconceptions and confusion, and there are also so many who do not know or understand enough. We share only the sincerest products for our customers. We want to connect and impact their lives like a sincere friend who shares only the best products.


F: What legacy do you want to leave behind?
D: I hope to integrate quality aromatherapy into an everyday life item for everyone be it for scenting of space or for its benefits.



F: What is the greatest learning that you gained from your business?
D: Time and money are perhaps the most important aspects or elements to manage well in the journey of starting up and running a business. You use time to earn money, and you use money to buy time. They are so ever closely linked and it’s up to how you balance the two that guided me in some of my important decision-making dilemmas. It applies not only to business but also in our everyday life


F: What is your advice to those who also want to start their own business?
D: Always do what’s right and not what’s easy. There can be times where it seems possible to have an easier way out perhaps because we want to save some effort, time or money. In the journey of starting up, you will have many decision-making crossroads as you’re the leader. We are always eager to succeed, and when starting up we can sometimes be overeager. The easier way out might not be the right way or best way out. Good things can take time – be it taking time to find or to develop. It’s worth to always do what’s right, it will always bring you further and better.



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