Climate change is a major problem that the whole world is facing right now. A lot of people are working and finding new ways to solve this problem, and one of those people is Pon Nya. Pon Nya is the CEO and Founder of Recycle Myanmar and he created a modernized way to resolve climate change and to help the Myanmar community.

Pon Nya shared with Faces Behind ASEAN SMEs (F) about his journey in Recycle Myanmar. Let’s look at his story.



F What got you interested in waste management system?

P: I was a volunteer in a charity that provides education for children. I invented the recycle donation bin to help the charity gain more funds. I sold donated recycled materials to the market and gave the money to the charity. Within 3 years, I was able to help over 100 children in getting education from the organization that I worked with.

F: How did you come up with Recycle Myanmar?

P: I graduated with an electrical engineering degree and I also owned a cellphone shop before. I decided to combine my passion in technology and love for charity. Before I came up with Recycle Myanmar, I experienced failures. First, I planned to continue the buy-and-sell of recycled materials to a larger scale, but it’s hard to achieve because of the logistics. Second, I invented a smart bin, but my consultant advised me that it won’t be suitable for the Myanmar market because people will prefer cheaper products. I still didn’t give up and I tried harder, and finally Recycle Myanmar was invented.



F: What do you think about the environment in Myanmar?

P: I believe that poverty can damage the environment and a damaged environment can cause poverty, and those are some challenging problems that Myanmar is facing. Myanmar uses the old fashion way in managing waste, but for me, we need a system that is more advanced and effective to solve those problems. I believe that we need to take advantage of technology so we can have advantage over our problems. We need to combine with technology.



F: What is your vision for Recycle Myanmar?

P: I want to make Recycle Myanmar to be globally scalable. My vision is to build a powerful waste management network without touching a piece of recyclable, just like how Uber became a powerful transportation platform without owning a single car.



F: What is your advice to those who want to start their own business?

P: First is passion. For a startup, innovation is the key, especially disruptive innovation, neither frugal innovation nor catch-up one.



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