Exercising sounds challenging and scary to some, but what if it can be fun? Thanks to Anto, founder of Tandem, Indonesians can now choose a more enjoyable path to a healthier life. In Tandem, you can enjoy exercising by meeting and playing sports with new people.

Let’s see the inspiring story of Anto through Faces of SMEs (F) Interview:


This Indonesian Can Help You Lose Weight and Gain Friends at the Same Time

When was the last time that you exercise? For those who can't remember, we have something that can make you feel excited about exercising. Anto Kurniawan, the founder of Tandem, made an interesting way to help you to get fit. In tandem, you can enjoy exercising with new people. Not only you will lose weight, but you will also gain new friends! "Keep the spirit to stay in the track that you believe in because big thing will always start from small steps. There is no elevator to get up there. You just need to believe and make your dreams come true."

Posted by Faces Behind ASEAN SMEs on Friday, October 18, 2019


F: Why did you start Tandem?

A: It started because of my personal problem. I had a weight of 90 kg and I really felt a lot of negative things. In addition, I got the probability to have diabetes and other diseases. I was 25 back then, but my body system felt like 65. Because of my condition, my body felt very lazy and I easily got tired. This also affected my work because my work required me to be active. At that time, I realized I have to live and be healthy.


F: How did you start Tandem?

A: I decided that I need to start a healthy lifestyle, so I put my mind to exercise. I tried inviting my friends but we could not find the perfect time. I also began to see the fact that many people want to exercise but get discouraged due to various problems, such as lack of friends, difficulty in managing time and lack of knowledge about the importance of sports. From there, I thought about how to overcome these challenges. I invited millennials to exercise with the concept of joint sports, through different forums that I made. Tandem has brought together millennials with different backgrounds. We scheduled 90 sports events so far and we educated millennials to be more aware of their health by doing sports.



F: What is the impact of Tandem in your community?

A: Many unique things happened when I developed Tandem. think through tandem, there is no more privatization in exercising. Millennials can now exercise with people outside their network, they don’t only limit themselves in exercising only with the people they know. My members expand their network and they gain more friends through exercising. It doesn’t stop there, our members take time to understand other members’ personalities and characteristics, they continue building their friendships even outside our exercise schedule. They are my passion. What makes me happier is the positive and healthy result of my members. Members also feel positive things from doing exercise, for example, there are some members who already stop to smoke, lose their weight to be healthy even change their lifestyle 360°.


F: What is your vision for Tandem?

A: In the future, I would like to invite more millennials to exercise and engage themselves in sports. The goal is to make people live a healthy life and be happy while achieving that. I aim for a happier and healthier community. Indonesia needs healthy millennials, not jealous ones. Indonesia needs active millennials so that we can achieve something. Millennials can’t be just random. I encourage more people to join Tandem.



F: What is your advice to those who also want to start their own business?

A: Keep the spirit to stay in the track that you believe in because big thing will always start from small steps. There is no elevator to get up there. You just need to believe and make your dreams come true.


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