Do you remember when we were taught to make a stamp from an eraser during art class? Jiahui Zheng continued this hobby and studied further to master this skill. Her passion and love in rubber stamps led her to create ParadeMade. In the present time, there are a lot of technologies that can help us create something in an instant, but despite this convenience, Jiahui chose the simpler way because she believes that doing something using our hands can help us appreciate small things.

Jiahui shared with Faces of SMEs team (F) about her journey, let’s see how it all begun.

This Artistic Singaporean Found Her Unexpected Success In Rubber Stamp

Despite limited resources, Jiahui Zheng kept on pursuing her passion and mastering her skills. Now, she is passing her knowledge to other aspiring rubber stamp artists in Singapore. "Just to take a leap of faith, there is nothing to lose. You will only know what you canachieve when you take the first step to try. If you start and see where it goes, you might surprise yourself."

Posted by Faces Behind ASEAN SMEs on Tuesday, October 29, 2019


F: Why did you start your business?

J: I had a full-time job back then. I cut my own rubber stamp from eraser and pen knife as my hobby. I always look forward to go home to do this to relax. After some time, I started selling my finished product to cover for my supplies so I can continue my hobby. More and more people were buying and asking for my products, that’s why I decided to quit my full-time job to focus on this. Making rubber stamp is not popular in Singapore, it is more known in Japan and Taiwan. I study this myself from the library, because not much information can be found online.


F: What got you interested in rubber stamp?

J: It is the easiest to start since the materials needed are easy to use. I believe that carving the eraser is therapeutic. It’s very challenging to do and very relaxing.



F: What is the impact of your company in your community? Or to the customers?

J: I think there is a growing trend that people are doing something more creative. I’ve been seeing more people posting their art. There is a growing community of people who loves art and I’m contributing to it. I want to share with others that something that is simple can be used to create art as long as you put your time to it.



F: What legacy do you want to leave behind?

J: I am encouraging people to slow down and to appreciate the small things, just like the thought of doing something with your hand. When I work with my clients, they shared with me that they are making something with their hand and that makes them relax. Many of my clients put the stamps in their wedding or birthday invitations. People appreciate more if what they receive is personalized and made by the giver him/herself. I support more people create more handmade products and be creative. I want to encourage more people to make something that is unique to themselves and can’t be found else. Handmade art is being forgotten because technology is taking over the world.


F: What is your advice to those who also want to start their own business?

J: Just to take a leap of faith, there is nothing to lose, you will only know what you can achieve when you take the first step to try. If you start and see where it goes, you might surprise yourself. It is also important to have something that you can fall back on, like an insurance. Just in case it wont work out, at least you still have a back-up plan.



F: What is the hardest challenge that you’ve encountered?

J: At first, it was quite difficult to get the support of my parents. Nobody in the family done business before. Through the years, they see my business is growing they become more supportive. A certain type of educational background comes with its own expectations. I just keep pushing and show them that it can be done. Now my parents ever promote my business to their friends.

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