You might have been deciphering lately whether you can make money out of your passion or not. Can your passion be turned to a profitable business?

If that question has been boggling your system, learn it from the couple entrepreneur, Nadja Castillo and Enan Junioso who pursued their passion in journaling to start an indie craft business that sells handbound journals and leather accessories known as Alunsina Handbound Books with CBN-PH000000224.

“Cliché but you can really make money out of doing what you love.” shared Nadja to Confirmis.

With a starting capital of P5,000.00 only (USD 100) in 2011, the couple courageously faced the challenge of producing limited designs for their handbound journals. It was tough challenge for them, but they are left with a clear choice to remain flexible and patient.

Alunsina handbound journals

“We started small. We didn’t have background in business. We just continued to work hard and made sure that we’re doing a quality work and we make our buyers happy and satisfied.”

With the limited budget, Nadja and Enan decided to only produce few designs in order to maximize the quality of the journals.

Their humble beginnings allowed them to work harder every single day. They strived from joining to different small bazaars to introduce their products until they ventured to online marketing to expand their reach and to look for journal lovers and partner stores to help them.

Alunsina is a success that started with a risk to pursue the couple’s passion. “We took a risk (to venture this). When we quit our jobs (last) 2011 and started (to work) full-time in Alunsina, we don’t have high expectation because journaling is not that popular here (in the Philippines). I guess we placed our faith on my passion for journaling – that there’s still someone like me who will be willing to spend money on a nice journal,” Nadja narrated.

Aside from their passion in journaling, the unwavering determination and hard work of Nadja and Enan paved the way for Alunsina to blossom and prosper.

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