At 18, Daryl Becera dreamed of having his own company. Seven years later, he’s now the founder and CEO of (CBN-PH000000527), a social enterprise that helps people get a job online.

“It took me so long for me to start the business because I have to work in the BPO industry to support my family. I have paused that dream for a while and focused on supporting my family first,” Becera shared.

“I never knew that working in BPO is my gateway to start the business. I met people who taught me on how to get clients online and I realized that it has a potential for a sustainable business.”

With the combination of his entrepreneurial spirit and advocacy for a sustainable planet, he was able to give birth and establish

Orangehub’s Team is an outsourcing social enterprise that helps bridged the gap between international clients and local talents. The enterprise provides outsourcing services such as web development and designs, virtual assistance services, data entry, customer and admin support to international clients.

“Seeing our employees’ success is our success too. I can say success is not defined by any monetary value. My employees are successful because they have freedom of time, they are able to provide more to their families with their earnings from work at home and most of all they are top on their health (because they don’t need to juggle every morning with the traffic and shifting schedules). I think that motivates me, seeing everyone happy,” Becera said. is a development partner with RISPhilippines conducting General Virtual Assistant Training (GVAT) to local communities

What’s remarkable with his brainchild is that it promotes reverse migration (from urban to rural) to solve social problems in the cities.

“We believed that if we can provide sustainable jobs in the countryside, these talents don’t need to migrate anymore to urban areas. Thus, they do have time with their family and stay in local communities,” he explained.

Though it has a sounding advocacy, Becera did not deny the fact that one of the top challenges they are facing is the existing competitors in the bigger arena.

“It’s always painful for us as an SME to convince clients to avail our services. One way to attract them is giving our clients an affordable rates and explaining to them our social mission.”

Despite of this, Becera, together with his team, managed to overcome such challenges because of their strong mission statement which is to provide sustainable online jobs as well as to help families get out from poverty.

Faces Behind ASEAN SMEs by Confirmis

CBN – PH000000527

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