Jume Analyes has just one thing on his mind, and that is to live life flexibly. In order to do just that, he graciously open himself up to make others live their lives flexibly as well. Our team from Faces talking with him about his motivation and inspiration.

Faces Behind ASEAN SMEs (F): When you’re talking about living flexibly, what do you mean specifically?

Jume Analyes (J): What I meant by flexible life is a state where anybody can do anything they like but at the same time still being fulfilled economically. One of the ways that I found working is to build a sharing economy, experience economy and blockchain economy, which brought us to SelenaGO (CBN – ID000009977).

F: What is the biggest challenge in building the company?

J: I struggle in building a fit product market and getting exponential growth in general. It’s all about momentum with this kind of business, and that’s hard. Looking for talented people is also not an easy thing.

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F: Is there any interesting thing happened during the years you spent building the company that you can share with us?

J: My team and I have been building this startup since about 3 years ago, but we totally immersed in the developing process just this past one or two years. There are a lot of experiences that it’s hard to pinpoint which one left the most mark. We’ve been through startup competition, running out of money and the difficulties of finding talents. Oh, I remember, about a year ago when I ran out of money to continue the company, I was forced to loan some money from my friends. Luckily, it only lasted for a month. I met with a lot of investors to get a deal and finally scored one.

F: You’re running a busy lifestyle with SelenaGO, what are your ideal activities for taking a break? What is your hobby?

J: I love to learn new things, and I learn a lot about blockchain recently. I love meeting new people, even trying out dating apps just to meet new acquaintances. That’s one of the reasons I made SelenaGO, because I find it hard to find friends to hangout with.

F: Do you have causes that are close to your heart and you fight for? What is it?

J: One thing in particular took my interest, which is economic independence and life independence in general. I support how people can stand on their own feet in terms of their economy, while still be able to do whatever their passions are.

F: Thank you so much for sharing, Mr. Jume!

J: You’re welcome.

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CBN – ID000009977

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