A born salesperson and people leader, Thomas Choo has been involved in collection industry since 1989. He was also part of Dun & Bradstreet regional senior leadership team in Singapore, overseeing business development activities, including collection business.


Picture source: Courtesy of Thomas Carlington & Associates

His passion in collection business led him to set up Thomas Carlington (CBN-SG000000055) in 2005, a debt collection and call center company. He is also the co-founder/Vice President of the Singapore Credit Collection Association.

As captains of the industry, Thomas and his like-minded colleagues took it upon themselves to transform and improve the perception of the industry, which really is no small feat given the less-than-favorable reputation associated with the industry back in the 80s. According to him, the secret for success in life are to stay positive and constantly innovate!


Picture source: Courtesy of Thomas Carlington & Associates

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