Behind every intricate and striking design of a hand-woven fabric called Hablon are 30 hardworking and empowered women of Indag-an Primary Multi-purpose Cooperative (IPMPC) with CBN-PH000000191, which has been operating for more than 20 years in the heart of Miagao, Iloilo.


Hablon, which plays a vital role on the culture of Miagao, is a popular textile in Western Visayas made of cotton, abaca and pineapple that produces clothing such as barongs, gowns, shawls, bed sheets, placemats, etc.

The skill of weaving is passed through generations since the 1950s. Older generation trains younger ones on weaving enabling them to produce fabrics. Moreover, they admitted that it is challenging producing a 5-meter Hablon in a day.


Hablon weavers of Indag-an Primary Multi-Purpose Cooperative

Aside from conserving Hablon, the Cooperative ensures that weavers have opportunities to support their family. Recently, the textile was seen in ramp of both national and international fashion shows and festivities in Western Visayas.

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