Sitvexo Sorn is certainly not an easy name to forget, but so is his story.

Jumping on from one company to another and always on top position made him wildly successful as an employee. But, somehow it didn’t bring him any satisfaction.

“I was wondering why I couldn’t have my own business making money from these employers. Plus, I’m getting old and nobody would hire old man these days,” Sitvexo explained his concern about age discrimination in work. Thus, Cam ST Property Co., Ltd (CBN-KH000000044) was born.

He stated that experiences has helped him setting up this new company. He knows well how to manage and lead people in his business.

However, money became an issue because many business partners and government agency still expect him to pay “friendship money”,  so there is no fair competition in this property market Sitvexo has dived in. Committed partners, employees and leaders are at utmost importance for Sitvexo, and considering this new market he entered, he said he wasn’t a guy with huge capital to start a business, but it’s possible to succeed without bribing if we’re willing to.

That is why when we asked about what causes he cares most in his life, his answer was simply “living with dignity”.

A family man who states observing things around him as one of his hobbies, he emphasizes social responsibility as one of his duty to the society, helping others who need anything he can help with, and certainly with his business.

Faces Behind ASEAN SMEs by Confirmis


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