At the age of 53, a man was standing on an empty land, his name is Do Van Thuy, he used to have a job, a very honored and stable job; he was one of the best president that Bao Loc city has ever had. Fear, uncertainty and hope, these feelings never change regardless of how old you are. He was not young; he was no billionaire, just a normal hardworking man.

On that land, a tea factory was built from scratch by such a man. Many people have been searching endlessly for magic bullet to hit that dreamy entrepreneurial success and fulfillment, and Mr. Thuy has learned that lesson by swallowing the bitter pill. For 5 years, he continuously encountered difficulties, he failed, he survived then he continued and failed, over and over again. The biggest secret that everyone is hiding is that no one has that magic bullet, at least not after one night, one month or one year.  However, despite all of the struggling, the love for tea keeps growing on him and Vina Tea (CBN-VN000001337) was built on it.

Some may say he is a stubborn fool, or just a passionate lover of green tea, the one that caught his attention after experiencing previous kinds. When he just began to dig on this field, people around did not pay much attention to green tea.

Now, it is a growing competitive market but still a messy place. It is so sad that many green tea producers have accepted to stop developing; they now sell whatever, play dirty tricks to eliminate other tea producers, blend with bad quality tea, only to earn a little more profit, even when their personal choice is killing the whole industry.

“Real entrepreneurs are the one who start real businesses that employ real people who provide real products and services to real customers”, quoted by Mr. Thuy, he does not accept the kind of lie that everyone is making. He looks for partners, buyers and customers who will join the journey with him: bringing life to the green tea. It will be a challenging and long pathway but worthy since we will leave more for the world even when we are gone. Magic bullets are not granted but earned, once we make decisions to ameliorate for ourselves, for our friends and others, we will hit the success, together.

CBN -VN000001337
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