Six years ago, Daniel Surya built AR&Co that belongs to WIR Global (CBN-ID000000099) alongside his other exciting projects and brainchild.

And looking back now, the company has grown to be Asia’s largest Augmented Reality technology company with projects all over the world including those with the best brands from the entertainment industry.

It has been listed as one of the Global 40 Most innovative companies awarded at the London Stock Exchange as well as category winner of Auggie Award for 2 years in a row during the Augmented World Expo 2015 & 2016 at Silicon Valley. Disney, Cartoon Network and recently the Nigeria’s presidential campaign are among his existing clients.

Daniel said that the company started with the drive to have a strong presence as a creative technology group of companies from Indonesia in the global marketplace. He wants Indonesia to be a part of the world class creative forces and to have equal opportunities by ensuring the quality of the products and providing solutions so it will be at par in the global level.

His optimism surely didn’t come from nothing.

According to Daniel, the most challenging aspect in starting his business was educating the way of thinking to his colleagues that ‘great idea is bigger than monetary elements’. If you believe in the idea, there is no way you can be stopped in realizing it.

When asked about what causes does he care about the most, his answers was as firm as his reputation in Augmented Reality world: the next generation.

“The future lies in how they live and shape it, and the next generation should never fear of the future. They will be the ones that take the destiny of their nations in their own hands and spread goodness to others,” and we believe that among what he has done for Indonesia and ASEAN community collectively is preparing the next generation to embrace the future.

A beach boy and traveler at heart, Daniel never forgets people who brought him this far in life and in his business. He religiously mentioned each and every name that means great deal for him and has been fighting alongside of him from the beginning. “Above all, we all dedicate this company to God and Indonesia,” he concluded.

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