Although making Bangkok, Thailand his home, Bjoern Kempe spent much of his time traveling from country to country, exposing his company; Expos Asia (CBN-SG000000099), to wider world.

It is easy to be cynical and to let disappointment towards the system dictates you, but in Bjoern’s case, it helped turning him into a business and investment advocate for SMEs in ASEAN.

He found that his true passion is for exhibition and events, and corporate organization can no longer serve that, so he started Expos Asia, an independent, partner managed investment company which acquires significant minority stakes in private owned or public listed, undervalued small and medium-sized companies in South East Asia, China and India.

When he first started, he admitted that the most challenging part he encountered in the process was the administration. He’s no superhuman, and the system is still flawed, so getting through all the registration process can really be troublesome without perseverance. Due to the nature of his work, what still excites Bjoern until now is how every month he will meet new, interesting people.

During his spare time, he remains investing on himself by keeping updated on stock market and politics. He has said that the most important thing he finds as the owner of Expos Asia is balance in work and life and the ability to find peace amidst stress.

Faces Behind ASEAN SMEs by Confirmis


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