At the age of 26, Aung Myat Kyaw from Myanmar started his own travel agency, Orchestra Travel & Tours, CBN- MM000000145,  in 1994 back when you can still count the number of travel agencies in Myanmar.

His love for travelling as he has been to many countries motivated him to somehow start his travel company.  But he wasn’t a business student to begin his entrepreneurial journey, he was a dental student with such a creative thinking.

Orchestra Travel and Tours

In the 1990s, he had to temporarily stop going to the university due to the political instabilities and went often to church to volunteer. There he met an Italian businessman and worked as an Italian tour leader in his company.  After gaining an in-depth experience, he founded his own company with a fresh mindset.

Like any other entrepreneur, Kyaw has to face the challenge of raising capital for his business. With the help of the strategies he implemented and well-arranged tour plans, to his surprise, his company got such a huge amount of revenue within the few years and survived well in a not well-developed tourism industry of Myanmar.

His journey blossomed to opening his first resort in 1996, the Sandoway Resort in Ngapali Beach where the tourists would love to go for summer vacations. The hotel has now achieved the award of the popular tourist choice in TripAdvisor.

Kyaw has been all out in actively supporting Myanmar Tourism.  As a supportive individual of Myanmar Tourism Industry, he helped in launching the Tourism Major in Myanmar Universities starting from 2012. He still volunteers in teaching the tourism students in the universities and is known as an admirable person to the young people.

When asked for a piece of advise to the young people who wanted to penetrate the tourism sector, he said: You need to be passionate for everything you do, and to be yourself. You must have an enthusiasm to learn and keep learning and to enjoy working with people.

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CBN – MM000000145

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