It all started with a random idea.

When the cousins of Bautista clan in Iloilo, Philippines find difficulties spending time with each other because of their professions, they come up with an idea: “Why not let’s put up our own coffee shop to bring back the bond we had?”

As exciting as it sounds, they translated their spontaneous idea into a coffee shop named KoozKaf Cafe with CBN-PH000001001.

Let’s hear from one of the owners, Khon Salcedo, about the story of their business.

Faces of SMEs (F): Can you tell us more about the story behind your business?

Khon (K): We decided to team up and try to bring back that bonding we had when we were younger. The shop now represents the owners’ different traits, hobbies, and family bonding.

F: Why is it called KoozKaf Cafe?

K: Koozkaf was supposedly CuzCaf which was a shortcut for Cousins Cafe. and one of our customers pointed out that it was KozyKafe because of the cozy ambiance.

Koozcaf Cafe

Photo by Koozkaf Cafe

F: What are the other reasons for starting Koozkaf Cafe?

K: As students before, one of our biggest problems is finding a place to study between wee hours since most coffee shops are closed during these times. Plus, personally my passion as a coffee enthusiast contributed to the motivation of making Koozkaf happen.

F: What are the struggles you have faced so far in doing your business?

K: Since we just started this company, being known to the public is one of our struggles. But we compensate with this by updating our social media accounts to spread the word about us.

Koozkaf Cafe

Koozkaf Cafe

F: Do you support any advocacy?

K: We recently started “The Potato Project” it is a fundraising campaign for a friend, who used to help around at Koozkaf, of ours that is currently fighting leukemia, and we hope to raise leukemia/cancer awareness.

We also support school activities by giving sponsorship and helping students in any way we can. And we are currently in transition of going eco-friendly by using eco-friendly supplies in the shop.

Photo by Koozkaf Cafe

F: Is there any unforgettable events in running your business that you’d like to share with us?

K: There was this moment that the shop was full and a small group of customers started to play music.  Then eventually, everybody started singing along even the staff at Koozkaf. So, it’s kind of pleasing that strangers could get along and do something together!

F: What is your advice for your fellow millennials who wanted to start their own business?

K: As a millennial myself, I just want to say that resourcefulness is your greatest weapon.

When I started I didn’t even had the money to invest, but because of our drive and passion to pursue this company, we found a way to do so. Always be creative and create your way in and out of every situation.

Facess Behind ASEAN SMEs by Confirmis

CBN – ID000009966

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