Every child’s dream – no matter how gigantic it may look – is possible.  And this was proven by Khun Wisa who penetrated the fashion industry in Thailand with her stylish yet comfortable shoes for ladies.

“Right from when I was a young child, I knew that I liked everything (related) with the fashion industry. I was particularly drawn to shoes. All through my growing up years, during my education and in my working career, I kept a keen interest in fashion not only as a consumer but also with a wish to starting my own business one day.”


Her wish did not remain a wish as she built her own business named “NaWara,” inspired after her mother who initially wanted to name Wisa as Nawara, a Thai traditional name that means beautiful rose.

“There’s no better name I can think of than that. Each of the shoe box has a logo of a rose in it,” she shared.
To get to know her inspiring story even more, Khun did not shy away to answer our following questions:
1. What motivates you to start your business?
That’s a really good question. As a matter of fact, I have always been interested in fashion.  My extensive experience in fashion retail, dealing with some of the largest names in fashion finally helped to confirm the truth that I had known all along – which was that I would eventually start up my own business in fashion – not only as a brand owner, but as a job creator and a promoter of our home grown talents in Thailand.
2. What is the most challenging aspect of your business?
Starting a business is an exciting, exhilarating, painful, rewarding, frustrating, satisfying and fulfilling adventure. In fact, many people compare starting a business to having a child! There are many reasons for this. Some of the main challenges are the ‘big’ ones: securing the required financing; accessing the needed resources skill sets; managing operation on a tight and limited budget, maintaining your optimism and belief (especially when things are tough – and there will be many periods like this); convincing customers (the marketplace in general) of how wonderful your goods/ services/ products are..and why they should buy them, and so on…
Every shoe style that goes out of production, I wear them for a month to see how comfortable it is. This process takes a long time from planning, shoemaking, and final product. For me, I would never sell something that I don’t wear or I don’t believe in. Fashion is not just how it looks but also how comfortable it is. I want my products a lady can use from day to night with its elegant design. Shoes are like a statement that rounds up the entire look of the outfit.

Khun Wisa striking a pose in front of her store

3. Is there a significant event related to your business that you would like to share?
Absolutely, this one, in particular, touches my heart and is a core of who we are at NaWara. This story is about one of our most talented shoemakers. This gentleman is incredible, his natural abilities are at par with any shoemaker in the world. He had almost given up on shoemaking and decided to move back to his hometown in the Eastern part of Thailand just because he felt nobody is willing to pay for his skillful workmanship and neatly crafted shoes anymore. When I met him and took him under the roof of NaWara, his mind has changed and proud of himself. This is what running a business is- impacting lives, creating jobs and producing high-quality products, services, and goods.
4. What is your hobby?
Outside of my family and friends, I get my balance from exercise & traveling. There are two critical things that my job demands of me constantly – inspiration and new ideas. During my travels and exploring of different places, life gives me both of these things. In order to continue to grow & manage my brand – NaWara, I need good health, a clear head and a strong capacity to remain focused. Exercise is my meditation and the adrenalin that flows from my regular workouts helps clear my head.
5. What do you care most in life?
The gift of life is a wonderful and precious thing. I strongly believe that each and every one of us is entitled to an education – a valuable asset that empowers us and unleashes the capacity that every human being carries within themselves. Education opens up our capacities and fuels our creativity. With education, self-belief increases and we become more confident and capable which allows us to pursue our dreams.
I truly believe in that. Education is a priceless key – and much more so for women!
Khun Wisa finished her Master’s Degree in International Management at the University of Dallas and has lived in the US for few years.
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