Akisani Toek Chhou co., Ltd (CBN-KH000000033) started as a family-run business by my father whom is an electrical engineer. He could see that electricity is not just a necessity but a root to advanced development.

“My father believed that it is an opportunity to start a business for ourselves and to contribute in accelerating the development rate for our country,” Kanika Thet shared.

“He wants to see our residents having better living standards and able to work or run businesses with the electricity that we provide. That vision is what has kept us going forward and fight off all the difficult situations that we have faced.”

The business has been around for more than 15 years now, and for the last 4-5 years, we have been working hard to transform it from a family-run model into a company structure that can assure our customers with more transparency and efficiency. As we speak now, my family’s company is providing electricity for more than 20,000 households in few parts of Kampot Province. Our customers there do not have to worry about blackouts and other electrical issues since we have the power grid maintained regularly. Our customers can even call to our hotlines anytime to state their problem and let us help them immediately.”

She continued: In the future, we are looking at alternatives in customer services such as SNS, and also continuing our in-house training for local residents so they can acquire the necessary skills. Working alongside government, we promise to:

  • Provide cheaper price per kilowatt
  • Expand coverage, so even those who live far from the city can get access to electricity

Picture source: Courtesy of Akisani Toek Chhou Co., Ltd

I believe that each action or decision that we have made, would create an impact for our customers. I need to make right decisions and put it into action for the sake of the people in need of electricity.

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 Editor’s note: The article is Kanika Thet’s full-narrative.

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