When the word “chocolate” comes to mind, people usually associate it with ice cream, cake, or some other things that can satisfy our sweet tooth. Here is a question we would like to ask you, did fish ever come to mind?  The combination of fish and chocolate is not unusual in the Philippines. There is a Filipino dish called Champorado, which is a chocolate porridge, and people usually topped it with dried fish. It is typically eaten during breakfast or as a snack.

Roxanne Young, CEO of Choc-Oh-Dilis, made this dish into chips for people to enjoy anytime and anywhere. A Filipino snack that is unique.

Faces Behind ASEAN SMEs (F) got the chance to talk with Roxanne, so let’s get to know her more.

This Young Entrepreneur Found Her Success in Fish and Chocolates

"Turn your passion into business. Don’t limit your talents to a 9-6pm job.Do what brings you joy." Find out how Roxanne battled against toxic working environment and found success in her passion and love for food.Click here full story: https://facesofsme.com/her-battle-against-toxic-working-environment-led-her-to-go-back-to-her-passion-and-find-success/

Posted by Faces Behind ASEAN SMEs on Thursday, September 19, 2019


F: What made you start your business?

R: God lead me to this path. All the challenges, hardships, and frustrations in my life lead me to start my own business. I was an art director in an advertising industry. I decided to quit my job because my health was failing and my doctor advised me to not work in a toxic environment. I took the advice as a sign that I need to quit my work and start working for myself.

F: Why did you decide to go into food industry?

R: I’m very passionate about food and cooking. I combined my creative skills and love for food to create something unique, and this resulted in the creation of Choc-Oh-Dilis.

F: Why did you decide to combine fish and chocolate as the star ingredients of your chips?

R: The idea was born when I brought dried fish in my office and I saw how my workmates ate it as if it were potato chips. One fact about me is I am obsessed with chocolates, so I decided to combine these two food. This snack is also inspired by a Filipino dish called Champorado. When I was young, I felt excited every time my mom cooks Champorado because it’s chocolate for breakfast.

F: How did your business change you?

R: I learned to appreciate myself better and practice self-care more. My health improved and I feel like a better person.

F: What is the impact of your business to your community?

R: My snacks made Filipinos abroad feel closer to home. Bringing dried fish abroad isn’t allowed because of the smell. The chocolate coat and sealed packaging helped them bring a piece of home wherever they go. It brings joy to the Filipino community.

F: What legacy would you like to leave behind?

R: I want to have a company that empowers women. I always envision myself to support homemakers, especially if they have kids that they need to support.

F: As a young entrepreneur, what is your advice to those who want to create their own business?

R: Turn your passion into business. Don’t limit your talents to a 9-6pm job. Do what brings you joy.



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