While thinking of ways on how to help other people, Miku Ebueza turned her trashes to an opportunity.

Miku, together with her husband Mandy, is the founder of Tali Ti Amianan (Rope of the North) with CBN – PH000000944, a surfer-run social enterprise that turns beach trash to a stylish accessories.

“We are a small social enterprise with a big heart!” she described.

The founders Miku and Mandy Behind the Tali Ti Amianan

Aside from making money out of trash, Tali Ti Amianan employs local craftsmen from the community in San Juan, La Union.

Miku and Mandy believe that through hiring locals they will be able to empower them through showcasing their talent.

More than the profit, Miku shared her driving force on keeping Tali Ti Amianan.

“I can’t stand it when people don’t have the money to access medical care, to put food on the table, to send children to school.”


Mandy teaching one of the locals on how to make their handmade accessory (c) Tali Ti Amianan

With Tali Ti Amianan, the founders were able to empower and help stay home moms put food on the table, keep the elders away from illegal gambling, and men in the community through each accessory that they are making.

When asked about her unforgettable experience in running Tali Ti Amianan, Miku said:

“The most unforgettable was when a maker’s daughter graduated from college, her tuition fee primarily came from her parents’ income through Tali ti Amianan.”

It takes courage to run a social-enterprise. And Miku proved that you can make money by solving environmental issue. She did not only help on reducing beach trashes, but she was also able to empower a community.

“A simple pat on my back, a sincere thank you smile from my makers are the also the best, I will forever cherish. To be able to help them is enough for me.”

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CBN – PH000000944

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