There is a nickname that best described our next Faces Behind ASEAN SMEs, and it is: A cool ice cream chef with a big heart!

The door bell at Idolci (CBN-MY000000562) factory does not have the usual fancy ring, as a matter of fact, it has no sound!  It’s connected to a light bulb, and when there’s somebody at the door, the lightbulb will become a signal to most of Idolci’s workers who are hearing impaired individuals.

Ice Cream Chef

Gigi Teoh with her team. (c) Idolci

Gigi Teoh, founder and chef, started the business with one and only one trade – passion for gelato making.  Like all start-up, she has gone through the ups and downs, and it does help herself by being mother of 3. She has definitely equipped herself with the much needed perseverance to weather the storm and launch the business.

Her persistence on quality and innovative creation of various exotic flavors has turned many customers into stable client based, all around Malaysia. What’s amazing is, she really contributed and made meaning to her surrounding, because she provided the hearing impaired community with a real job, and like always: what is a bowl of Gelato can’t fix?

Faces Behind ASEAN SMEs by Confirmis


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