Bima Marzuki is a former journalist who have seen and dealt with all types of people from different businesses in Indonesia for whopping 12 years. Specializing in economy news, Bima was seeing the facts that the Public Relations agencies and people he was connected to for press events are charging their clients over the top prices. Then again, Bima realized that the companies that having PR agency to take care of their public and media image are the big ones, and they sure can afford paying big numbers.

Back in college, Bima admitted that he had an interest in the world of communication, and it was one of the deciding factor that urged him to open Media Buffet (CBN -ID000001203) along with his partner. The Public Relations agency was in way a tool for him to help the community of small businesses who otherwise will never be able to afford proper PR services. “I found how inefficient the services PR agencies nowadays provide, and most of the media list they promise to put your business in is not even impactful,” he recalled. And not only he’s up against the big names in PR industry, another challenges he needs to tackle includes socializing why businesses need PR services and how does it differ from regular, costly advertisement.

“Most people just jump right into advertisement that can cost them USD 2000 per advertorial, not realizing they have other options like Public Relations that can help them craft a quality and targeted message better with more affordable price,”

explained Bima, and that’s exactly what Media Buffet offers with the creative content branch that they have. Media Buffet makes sure that the message and content for its variety of clients came out of one door with this approach.

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With Media Buffet, the list of clients Bima managed to help are rich, from a car videotron startup, a Malaysian version of Netflix, centered education apps to even a lactation booster. One inspiring story about how his business has given impact to his clients is when at one point the education apps client called EdConnect reached out to them for help to organize an event in just 8 days before the day. EdConnect has been struggling with their education system application and its promotion for the past 1,5 years even if it’s made to help the school systems get better. Media Buffet then helped them by securing only 10 top media in Indonesia, but the fateful day happened to be the day of big protest on the street that left them with only 8 media showing up. However, most of the media featured EdConnect in an advertorial way with in-depth description. It was so great that EdConnect actually got a huge deal to use the apps for one of the most prestigious education foundation in the country. This deal helped EdConnect to move its operation from a warehouse to a proper office.

As a father of a 4 year-old and a former basketball player, Bima said he learned a lot of things about teamwork from a single basketball game and how to not be selfish in order to win. He even dished about how basketball helped him to recognize different characters in people. “I want to help small businesses get the exposure in a make sense-manner with PR practice,” he concluded with a good news from a beauty clinic that just agreed to have Media Buffet as their PR service provider.

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