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This Thai Entrepreneur is Preserving Traditional Handicrafts and Helping Local Village Artisans

Preeyaporn Wongsirimana, the co-founder of Paya Shop, grew up surrounded by local village artisans working on handicraft productions in a province in Thailand. Now, she is promoting and preserving Thai handicrafts while supporting villagers all over Thailand through their business.Full story: https://facesofsme.com/this-thai-entrepreneur-is-preserving-traditional-handicrafts-and-helping-local-village-artisans/

Posted by Faces Behind ASEAN SMEs on Thursday, June 25, 2020

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This Singaporean Helps Connect Humans With Nature Through Her Aromatherapy Business

Denise Lim, co-founder of FLO Aroma, started as a customer and now she is managing her own aroma diffusers and essential oils company. She believes that the quality of nebulising diffusers should matter as much as the quality of essential oils. For her, it's important to use the right instrument so you can enjoy the essential oils in its most natural and purest form. "Always do what’s right and not what’s easy. Good things can take time – be it taking time to find or to develop. It’s worth to always do what’s right, it will always bring you further and better."Full story: https://facesofsme.com/this-singaporean-helps-connect-humans-with-nature-through-her-aromatherapy-business/

Posted by Faces Behind ASEAN SMEs on Tuesday, February 25, 2020
This Malaysian Entrepreneur Is Redefining The Direct Debit Experience For Businesses In Malaysia

Zac Liew entered the path of law but then, he found his passion and success in the fintech industry. He is now changing the payment system in Malaysia (and soon the whole Southeast Asia region) by building a technology on top of direct debit bank-to-bank infrastructure, through his business - Curlec. Business owners can now collect payments in an automated, faster, and easier way. "You have to be incredibly persistent, humble and constantly willing to put yourselves in uncomfortable positions so that they can eventually become comfortable."Full story: https://facesofsme.com/this-malaysian-entrepreneur-is-redifining-the-direct-debit-experience-for-businesses-in-malaysia/

Posted by Faces Behind ASEAN SMEs on Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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