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The Beauty of Vietnam’s Ethnic Minorities is Now Being Recognized Because of Her Business

There are 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam. Most of the things that you know about Vietnam, such as Ao Dai or Non La, are representations of Vietnam's majority group - the Kinh people. Not much people know about the beauty of other minority groups. Van, the founder of theMay Brand, wanted to change that and now she is giving the spotlight to Vietnam's minority groups through showcasing their handmade textiles in the form of accessories.

Posted by Faces Behind ASEAN SMEs on Wednesday, November 6, 2019

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These Malaysian Entrepreneurs Made a Solution to Expensive Baby Needs

Malaysians can now provide good quality products for their babies without worrying much about the price. Zubaidah and Nadiah made this possible through The Manja Company. Their business helps a lot of mothers in saving money, while still giving the best for their babies.Full story: https://facesofsme.com/category/malaysia-sme/

Posted by Faces Behind ASEAN SMEs on Friday, November 1, 2019

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