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These Singaporean Fur Parents Are Turning Their Care for Dogs into a Profitable Business

Nowadays, dogs are treated as family members. Fur parents are doing extra things to show their love to them, such as making sure that they give their dogs healthy food. Sandee and Rachel, founders of The Grateful Dog, make dog food that's natural and full of nutrition so dogs can live longer and spend more time with their owners."The best thing to know if your business going to be viable is to start. You need to have grit, good work ethics, and consistency. Things happen and you should prepare yourself for different situations."Full story: https://facesofsme.com/these-singaporean-fur-parents-are-turning-their-care-for-dogs-into-a-profitable-business/

Posted by Faces Behind ASEAN SMEs on Tuesday, December 3, 2019

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This Malaysian Proved Her Success Despite Failures Through Her Wooden Dolls

The journey in making a business is never easy. Kaveena, the founder of Kaystomade, shared with us that she experienced a lot of failures. Kaystomade is, in fact, her fourth attempt in making her business. Determination combined with perseverance will surely result in good things. "Take the first step, and failure isn’t fatal. It’s the first step to success. It is important to remember that running a business requires a lot of sacrifice, time, and at times, failures."Full story: https://facesofsme.com/this-malaysian-proved-her-success-despite-failures-through-her-wooden-dolls/

Posted by Faces Behind ASEAN SMEs on Sunday, November 24, 2019
The Beauty of Vietnam’s Ethnic Minorities is Now Being Recognized Because of Her Business

There are 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam. Most of the things that you know about Vietnam, such as Ao Dai or Non La, are representations of Vietnam's majority group - the Kinh people. Not much people know about the beauty of other minority groups. Van, the founder of theMay Brand, wanted to change that and now she is giving the spotlight to Vietnam's minority groups through showcasing their handmade textiles in the form of accessories.

Posted by Faces Behind ASEAN SMEs on Wednesday, November 6, 2019

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